Friday, 25 November 2016

Late shift

CRIED AT ADELE in Kite Flat. Had to leave the room a couple of times. "When We Were Young." Couldn't hear the words - it was just the subject, the thought, and the times we are going through with Sam. The obsession that excludes the retirement life I was so excited about, and the life that Jo doesn't have. And Sam; what does he understand of his life, and how does he try to influence the different people around him?
Manuel from Dominican Republic was on Charles - a really nice guy with a Spanish accent unlike any I've heard before. He has a five year old son who is on the spectrum. He was delighted with fish fingers, chips and peas prepared by Colin.
Colin was with me on Matt, who produced 5 wets and two soils. What happened to the days when he used to go to the toilet? He was laughing again at shift end.
Heavy spray-paint-rain gave way to a brilliant moon lighting up fractured white clouds against a black sky as I drove home. 21st Nov 2015

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