Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tall Ship.

Last Saturday took the young chap for a day-sail on Tenacious.  The air was so still that the sails were pressed back against the masts, but the sun was out, the food and the company were good, and the sails still had to be set and furled, even if the engines were doing all the work.
Coming back into Southampton, the skipper and the pilot decided to slide gingerly out of the main channel for a few minutes to let this monster pass, and Tenacious passed over Bramble Bank, home to an annual cricket match at low water spring tide when the sandbank briefly emerges from the sea.   Only the crazy English................!


A small thunderstorm just curtailed rose planting, and even shut up the noisy coal tit that has been bustling around the garden with its second batch of fledglings.