Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Just messing about in Newbury with my pocket camera - that's a coat pocket not a trouser pocket by the way - when I realised it was set on ISO 3200.  No problem!  It is Canon's G1X and the quality of the jpeg is amazing.  If it wasn't for the eccentricity of the two control rings around the lens, which do different things on different settings, and one of which sometimes goes on strike for a few moments, I would use it on assignment. The shutter response is so quick for a compact camera, comparable with an SLR, that I find myself over anticipating the shot and pressing the button too early because I instinctively assume that it is going to behave like all my previous compact cameras. My fault not Canon's.
It also survived being doused in salt water on the Sail Training Ship Tenacious in a force nine in the Bay of Biscay, and never missed a beat.  A year on it's working fine.

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