Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Shipwrecked Napoli

Visited the beach at Branscombe yesterday, where some of the looting from the MSC Napoli was pretty disgusting: all of a South African family's possessions taken from one container, for example, but most was just very sad. Two men were dragging a small engine block two or three miles uphill to where their white van was parked - just how much would its scrap value be? Oak barrels had to make the same journey along winding lanes - just how much is an improvised rain-butt worth?

The pull must be that it is free. No matter how pointless the object or how great the effort, the triumph is in getting something for nothing.

One surprise was how far out the Napoli was grounded after seeing all the telephoto images in the papers. The other was how few police were on the beach: they were all too busy directing traffic in the clogged up lanes that lead down to Branscombe.

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