Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tall Ship Tenacious

Quietly. D will probably never get a cure for the Parkinsons disease that spills tea down his front on watch. he is not eligible for electrodes in the brain because he is not middle class and pushy. The massive stroke did not help either. 
He's here because his wife is divorcing him and he needed a break from the stress. He laughs along with his monologues about immigrants  or the advent of superglues as if he is used to being ignored, but talks through people anyway who are trying to respond to him, and gradually people politely excuse themselves. 
He woke at 4am this morning confused about his watch which was at six and dressed and undressed and emerged onto the deck in the rain at 5am. I fastened the zip on his coat because his trembling hands could not manage it.
When his wife takes the house where will he go? To a home? How many residents will listen to his tales of seafaring exploits on Tenacious? 

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